Министерство просвещения Российской Федерации ФГБНУ «Институт стратегии развития образования»
Центр оценки качества образования
International Conference "Russian Education in the Mirror of the International Comparative Studies"

The conference collected the professionals from 12 countries and 31 regions of Russia. The number of the registrated participants was 145. But about 50 professionals in Mathematics and Science Education, Assessment and Measurement, and Teacher training joined the conference during its work. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation was presented by the deputy Minister Igor Remorenko and two top officers from the Department of the state policy in the sphere of general education. We had also the representatives from the Parliament, the World Bank, two large Publishing Houses (for textbook production). The largest foreign delegation was from Kazakhstan, 10 people with the President of the National Academy of Education as the leader. The main Informational agency RIA-NOVOSTI and the main newspaper for teachers reported the event to the public.

The whole conference was leaded by Victor Bolotov, the vice-President of the Russian Academy of Education.

This conference gave to the participants the opportunity not only to present the Russian TIMSS/PIRLS results and discuss our own problems, but to get acquainted with the richness of the current IEA studies (Anne-Berit Kavli), strong technical standards for IEA studies (Pierre Foy),  some approaches used in the national reports (Fumi Ginshima) and raising efficiency of the use of TIMSS/PIRLS data for managing the quality of education (Paulina Korsnakova). The results of secondary analysis of TIMSS data and significance of participation in different populations and cycles were remarkably presented by Torgeir Onstad.

The conference participants learned how important IEA studies for the different countries from the presentations of the national reaserch coordinators of TIMSS/PIRLS (Arsen Baghdasaryan/Armenia,  Gabriela Noveanu/Romania, Fumi Ginshima/Japan,  Nada AbuBaker Husain Ruban/UAE, Renan Rapalo Castellanos/Gonduras). They told how the IEA methodology and data were used for the national assessment.

In the conference we had the chance to present the secondary analysis works done by the professors and students of the new master program "Measurement in Education" at the National Research University "High School of Economics" (head of the program - Julia Tjumeneva, scientific leader of some projects - Martin Carnoy, Stanford University).

The whole event emphasized the importance of the international comparative studies data for making decisions in the sphere of education.

Download all the presentations of the conference (zip, 56 MB)


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